Innovation Is What We Do

Keeping one step ahead of counterfeiters requires continuous innovation.  Unlike "one technology" companies, 3DTL continues to develop new platform technologies that enable us to deliver to market families of authentication products.  Our proven ability to innovate is why some of the largest organizations within the banknote industry have selected 3DTL to develop next generation anti-counterfeiting technologies for banknotes and other secure documents.

Our Core Competencies

Our team of scientists, engineers and technicians have comprehensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Optical phenomena and the physics of optical materials
  • Chemical synthesis techniques required to manufacture small particle optical materials
  • Techniques for integrating optical materials into carriers and substrates
  • Development of sophisticated yet low cost optical-electronic-software systems

Our Technology Platforms

Current and future 3DTL products are based on one or more of the following technology platforms:

  • Optical frequency conversion
  • Optical pigment protection system
  • Variable refractive index materials
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