Infrared Activated Optical Pigments

3DTL offers a broad family of infrared activated optical pigments.  All of our infrared pigments are based on a unique proprietary chemical composition and manufacturing process.  Almost all other infrared pigments are based on a published and well known composition and process bringing into question their value in authentication applications.  This unique composition enables 3DTL to distinguish our pigments from all other infrared pigments and delivers features, performance, reliability and application compatibility not found elsewhere.  Specifically, our infrared pigments are:

  • More Unique - Our color changing pigments and our dual color pigments are not available elsewhere.  In addition, 3DTL offers both standard and custom colors not available from other manufacturers.
  • More Efficient - Our pigments are much more efficient than most other infrared pigments.  This leads to lower loadings and therefore greater cost effectiveness.  In addition, new applications are now possible with 3DTL pigments that are not feasible with other infrared pigments.
  • More Durable - Our pigments are non-reactive with oxygen, water, bases and most acids.  They are non-hygroscopic, colorfast and stable to over 400° Centigrade.
  • More Compatible - Our ability to tune and control pigment particle size ensures better application compatibility than most other infrared pigments.

Standard Products

3DTL offers the following infrared activated optical pigments as standard products.  The Color Changing products shift from the first color to the second color as the infrared excitation intensity changes (the source is moved closer or farther away).  The Dual Color product turns green under one type of infrared excitation and red under another type of infrared excitation.

3DTL Standard Infrared Optical Pigments

Product Number Product Description
SR-00 High Brightness RED
SO-00 High Brightness ORANGE
SY-00 High Brightness YELLOW
SG-00 High Brightness GREEN
SB-00 High Brightness BLUE
SV-00 High Brightness VIOLET
SYG-00 YELLOW-to-GREEN Color Changing
SOG-00 ORANGE-to-GREEN Color Changing
DRG-00 Dual Color RED and GREEN


Custom Products

3DTL also offers a wide range of custom products including:

  • Custom colors
  • Multi-code machine readable forensic pigments
  • Multiple feature pigments
  • Handheld detectors and transport modules
  • Infrared pens

Please contact 3DTL or your authorized 3DTL value added reseller or system integrator for more information.

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